Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fine Collagen and Amino Acid Powder Review

Fine Collagen and Amino Acid powder is my latest collagen supplement haul. I've been taking the Meiji Collagen for a while and I do find that my skin is more hydrated with less dry patches appearing on my skin. Collagen helps improve skin elasticity and diminish fine lines. The problem with Meiji is I have to buy it online and I always get hit with duties when I buy them from Sasa. I normally get charged $30 for every $110 I buy from Sasa. Unless my Sasa order is under $50 otherwise I always get taxed. Meiji collagen powder are always on buy 2 get 1 free promotion at Sasa. Average cost is $32.27 a can/bag. $32.27 is cheap for collagen but once you factor in all the taxes, it comes out to around $42 a can so I've been looking at alternatives.

Fine Collagen powder is from Japan and it's produced by Fine Co. a company that's been around for almost 40 years. Like the Meiji collagen powder, you mix a teaspoon of the collagen powder with any liquid to consume it. From my visit to the local dry goods store I remember seeing three kinds of collagen powder from Fine. One is the regular collagen powder, one is regular powder but 30 day prepackaged one and the last one is the collagen from the Japanese Secret Line. This was actually my first time seeing the Japanese Secret Line collagen. Most of the time I only hear about the regular collagen powder. There might be more but I was already drawn towards the fine collagen powder so I didn't pay attention to the other products.

regular collagen powder- $45 but currently they have $9 cash back

30 day prepackaged collagen powder-$49 ( not sure if there is any special promotion) 

Japanese secret line collagen powder-$45 a can but they are on buy 4 get 1 free promotion. So after discount is comes out to $36 a can

I would say if you don't get taxed, it's cheaper to get it from Sasa but being a person that gets heavily taxed on all my regular Sasa orders, it's cheaper for me to buy my collagen at the local store. 

What's the difference between these three collagen? the regular and 30 day prepackaged ones are actually the same just in different packaging. the 30 day ones are great for traveling but if you're not traveling, buying the can would be a much better deal. But is there a difference between the Japanese Secret collagen powder and the regular collagen powder? I'm not sure as the ingredients from their website is different from the ones I see on the can. The content is also different. The one I bought in store has 200g while the one showed on both the US and Japanese website stated that there is only 180g. But one thing is for sure the Japanese Secret Line is made for western market and the regular one is for Asian market. 

Copied from the Fine Website:

Regular Collagen ingredients list: 


(7g x 30sachets)

231g (refill)
Beautiful Skin is built from within...

In the FINE laboratories we have blended the finest extracts, essences and natural elements to enhance the body's natural ability to build beautiful, flexible skin and joints. We are confident you will love the effect of Hyaluron & Collagen on your body.
Supplement Facts: 7g
Hyaluronic acid
Fish collagen
Pearl coix extract
Vitamin C

The Japanese Beauty Line Collagen ingredients list

Supplement Facts: 6g
Vitamin C100mg
Hyaluronic acid60mg
Pearl coix extract450mg
For Younger-looking skin
This Original blend of extracts, essences, and natural elements helps the body build beautiful, flexible skin and joints FROM WITHIN. HYALURONIC ACID: nourishes and hydrates collagen based tissues, joints, and eyes. Low molecular fish-peptide COLLAGEN: maintains strength and flexibility in skin, as well as in connective tissues; ligament; bones; joints; muscles; tendons; gum;teeth; eyes; blood vessels; nails; hair. ELASTIN: keep skin resilient and firm. VITAMIN C: vital for collagen production in the body. BIOTIN: essential to skin, hair, and nails. PEARL COIX: strengthens joints, hair, and skin, and provides digestive support. These vital ingredients, enhanced with wheat germ and aquatic calcium, provides a total skin support program.

Ingredient list from the can
As you can see the ingredient list is quite different from the website so I'm not sure which one to trust. Other than the ingredient list and content being different, this can is straight from Japan. 

The can was sealed air tight.

It didn't come with a spoon. I still have 2 cans at home so hopefully there is a spoon in those cans. The regular version comes with a 7g spoon. You can also see that it has a creamier color than the Meiji Collagen powder. 

Taste? I have to say it tastes quite good. I have no problem mixing it with water. It has a hint of vanilla flavour and makes it easy to drink. It doesn't have the fishy flavour like the Meiji collagen. Since I've been taking collagen on a regular basis so I don't notice any difference in my skin. I heard that people see improvements in their skin after taking it for a few weeks. But since I'm already taking collagen so I don't expect to see any results with it. 

Do you have the habit of taking beauty supplements? 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vivienne Westwood Watch

I have always loved Vivienne Westwood jewelry and accessories. I used to buy one or two items from her jewelry line each year as a little treat to myself. I would buy more but it's not readily available in Canada so it had always been hard for me to get her items. I used to buy from Hervia but they stopped carrying Vivienne Westwood products and it took me a while to hunt down online stores that carry her products. I was so excited when I found out that Amazon US carries some of Vivienne Westwood products. I immediately ordered a watch I always wanted as none of the other UK sites were willing to ship to Canada. This has to be the biggest disappointment I've ever had with Vivienne Westwood.

I was so excited when I saw the watch and I even paid for express shipping to Canada. Well the watch did arrive in one piece in a nice Vivienne Westwood box and the watch was also nicely packed. But the quality of the watch wasn't up to the expectation. If you look at it in the box. It looks very pretty but once you try to use it, it's a different story.

You can already tell it's a pendant watch and it's a pendant hanging from the leather strap. The pendant fell off. It wasn't attached to the clasp properly. The clasp was twisted and there was no way I could fix it. And being a watch, I certainly want to look at the time. The watch wasn't working. There was mechanical problem with the minute hand and it kept on twitching before it stopped. I do work with watches but there was no way I could fix this on my own. Even with the tools I have at home if I open it, I might probably damage it. I had no choice but to return the watch. 

Lesson learned. Don't buy watches that don't look like traditional watches as you can't fix it without damaging it. But this does not stop me from buying her products. I still buy her accessories and jewelry. 

Have you heard of Vivienne Westwood? Do you own any of her products?  

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review: Shiseido Anessa whitening uv protector

Shiseido has always been a brand I like and use. I prefer their Asian lines over the ones we get at the high end counters. I'm not saying the products in the counter aren't good. It's just that they are not that suitable for me. 

I've always loved the Anessa UV Protector line from Shiseido. I find them affordable and works great. They are also non-greasy which is something I look for in a sunscreen. I hate the chemical smell from most sunscreen in the market and most of them give you the sticky and oily feeling. 

There are different lines from the Anessa line and I normally use their Perfect UV sunscreen. I received a sample size of the whitening UV protector when I purchased the full size Perfect UV sunscreen. This is a perfect way for me to test out a product. I don't need to buy it and there is enough product for me to truly test out the product. 

  Like the Perfect UV sunscreen, this has a milky lotion texture and it's light enough to be used on both the face and body. Even it's a milky lotion, I find it providing enough moisture to my skin and it doesn't leave my face looking oily. With SPF32, it provides enough protection for daily use. 

After you apply it, it might feel a little sticky for the first two minutes, but once it gets absorbed into the skin, you don't really notice it being there.

This doesn't leave a white cast on your face and like other Anessa sunscreen, it's wet proof and sweat proof. As with all sunscreen I do use a cleansing balm to remove it. As with the whitening effect, I personally don't notice a difference to my skin tone. 
But there is something about this sunscreen I don't like or from there's something from their whitening line in general. When I apply it to my face, it doesn't irritate my skin but I can smell the alcohol in the product. I never had this problem before and I've tried using the other sunscreen from Shiseido and none of them gave me this problem. I also tried Shiseido's brightening toner and all I could smell was alcohol so I blame it on their whitening line.

Other than the smell I would say this is a great sunscreen. Perfect to use during the warmer months. It is even suitable for using on your body.

What is your favorite sunscreen?   

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Face Q Beauty and Bebe Foot Review

I love using foot masks. I'm the lazy type of girl and I love the idea of how I don't need to use a pumice stone and spend hours to scrub off the dead skin on my foot so I enjoy using foot masks since all I have to do is sit for an hour or two and let the foot mask work its magic.

I was so excited when I saw the Face Q Beauty and Bebe foot mask at TnT supermarket since it claims that you only need to leave it on for 1 to 1.5 hours compared to leaving it on for 2 hours (Baby foot from Japan). I love using Taiwanese products and I've tried masks from Face Q before and for the prices they charge, the quality is decent. It's from the same company, so these foot masks shouldn't be that bad.

Well, I'm not sure was it just the package I got or every package is the same. Everything was nicely packed in the box. I had to open up the foiled package and inside I find the two foot masks. The mask wasn't leaking but it felt so sticky I had to sit in my washroom for the entire time as I was afraid that the serum would leak and I would get it on my carpet. I normally put it on and I walk around the house as they are made of plastic and never leaked. That was the first disappointment.

The fitting of the mask isn't that great. This is a one size fit all mask and I have petite feet so it felt like it was falling off and they didn't give you any tape so I had to find my own tape to keep the mask in place.

The smell wasn't that great either. It smelled very strong and it wasn't a pleasant smell so I had a hard time using the mask. The smell from the Baby foot brand smelled a lot better than. I always wanted to remove the mask as I hated the smell. But I still managed to keep them on for an hour. The smell wouldn't bother me as much if the mask actually worked but to me this mask did nothing.

When I use the baby foot masks, I normally notice peeling after the 3rd day. But with this mask, there was no sign of peeling at all. You're supposed to notice dead skin flaking off gradually and you will have soft skin in 2 weeks time. But two weeks passed and I didn't notice any peeling on my feet.  So it turned out to be a waste of time and money for me. I'm better off using other brands. There is also a foot cream that came with the foot mask. A cream is a cream so I don't think there would be any disappointment with the cream.