Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review: Naruko Sheet Masks

I picked up these paper masks during my last trip to T&T a local Asian supermarket. During the past week I've tried both of them and I'm pretty impressed with the result.

I've linked the products to the US Naruko site so you can have further information about each product. 

The first one I tried was the Raw Job's Tears mask. This is a brightening mask which is something I'm always looking for. I have a lot of good hydrating masks at home but I don't have paper masks that does a good job in brightening my skin. Most brightening masks will only brighten my face right after I use the mask. The results are never long lasting. Once I wash my face, the results are gone. 
This one however, the brightening result lasted for two days and it did a fairly good job in whitening/brightening my skin. Why am I saying that? It made my normally not that visible dark circle stand out after I used the mask. It brighten my skin immediately. It also hydrates my skin leaving if soft and moist for the day. 

It is definitely a great purchase when it's on sale. at around $2 CAD a piece, I find it pretty good value.

I also tried the white magnolia brightening and firming mask. This one did brighten my skin but the results are not as obvious as the Raw Job's Tear mask. It's one of those ear loop design masks. The first time I tried it I didn't really like the way I put on the mask as I find it quite messy. Even I used a headband, I still got essence on my hair. But the second time I used it, I started to appreciate it as it's convenient. I don't have to sit still/lie down while I have the mask on. For the firming effect, I don't see any difference but given that I got them during their sales, it's still good value. Will I buy it again? I'm not sure. I think I will try other ear loop masks first.

I like the Raw Job Tear's mask so much I went to pick up an eye mask hoping that it will help lighten/ brighten my dark circle. Even if it doesn't help, it's good to add a little moisture to the delicate eye area during winter time. 

This is a jelly type eye mask where you use it on your eyes after your eye cream. 

I love how they included a spatula with the product. It means I don't need to stick my finger in the jar!

This is a gel like texture that absorbs quickly into my skin. I still find it a bit sticky but it's tolerable. I find this a common problem with gel like sleeping masks. They tend to be stickier than cream based sleeping masks. 

I got the eye gelly from T&T and it costs more than the Naruko Canada online site. Unless the product is on sale at T&T, otherwise the price online are cheaper. But to get free shipping you will have to spend $100 dollars on Naruko products so unless you have a lot of things to buy, it's still better to get them at T&T. But T&T does not have all the products in stock. 

So far I haven't seen any results in brightening my under eye area but it does add moisture to my skin. I like it enough I'm considering trying the entire Raw Job's Tears skin care line from Naruko. I'm also interested in the other paper masks from Naruko.

Have you tried products from Naruko before? What is your favourite sheet mask? 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

FO: Echo Flower Shawl

This was one of the shawls that was made for a friend of mine. It's another one that got lost in the mail. The more I think about it, the more pissed I am with the terrible postal service we have in Canada. Postage is expensive and it's unreliable. I still don't understand why can't we get registered option for regular parcels. If we need to have it signed for we must shipped it via express. That's just stupid. 

This is one of the many projects where I'm knitting something I don't like- aka nupps. Nupps and bobbles are just something I hate making. I can't make them round enough. They just don't look even in my knitting. Some are always bigger than others. 

The yarn chosen here is a yellowish, orangish hand dyed yarn from Dream in Color. the colorway I used was butterpeeps. I bought this yarn a long time ago always wanting to find the perfect pattern for this lovely yarn. It's not the softest yarn in the market but it's just a lovely color that I wasn't willing to part with. My friend loves yellow so I chose to use this amazing yarn for her shawl. 

I would say the color in the first picture is the closest to the true color of the yarn. I made this during the winter so I couldn't take any pictures of it under natural sunlight. 

Apart from the border, the entire piece is constructed by knitting the same pattern stitch. It's the blossom stitch and the increases are made using the Estonian star stitch which I love a lot. I've made a few shawls using the same technique before namely the Laminaria shawl by Elizabeth Freeman. The main difference would be the Blossom stitch was used as the border in the Laminaria while it's used as the main stitch pattern in the Echo Flower Shawl.

I don't overblock the shawls. I don't like to over stretch the knitting. I'm not an expert in blocking as I still have problem blocking a perfectly straight base edge. I often knit full size shawls and given the knitted size I don't find the point in heavily blocking and stretching the piece when it's already big enough.

This is not super airy because of the yarn choice and needle size. Dream in Color Baby is labeled as lace weight but I find it to be a heavier lace weight or a lighter fingering weight. It's in between lace weight and fingering weight. I don't like to have super airy shawls so I often use smaller needle sizes than recommended. 

The nupps don't look so bad in the pictures but there are some that I had to use a tapestry needle and some yarn to sew them and make them rounder so they will look better in the shawl.

This is one of my all time favourite shawl pattern and I will make one for myself. I have a thing for Estonian stitches. If there are Estonian stitches in a pattern, the chances of me making it is a lot higher. 

Yarn: Dream in Color Baby in butterpeeps
Needle size: 3.5mm
Yardage: 560 yards ( 0.8 skein)
blocked size: 135 cm X 68 cm

Monday, February 25, 2013

what do you keep at your work station?

We all spend a lot of time at work. On a regular day I spend at least 8 hours at work. During tax season and hen deadlines are approaching, I spend even more time in the office. There are times I only have enough time to go home for a shower and head back to work so I do stock up beauty supplies at work. 

Apart from beauty supplies in my make up bag, these are things I keep at my work station.

Vitamin C- I don't like the chewable ones. I prefer the water soluble ones where I can just drink it.

Sleeping Mask- I don't live or sleep in the office but there are times when I need a quick fix to my skin this comes in handy. This is like a rich cream so people won't notice you're doing a facial mask. It will pump up your skin for the entire day! This is a mask from the face shop.

Lip treatment/lip balm- I always keep lip balm at work as my lips dry up pretty quickly. No one likes dry chapped lips.

Perfume- I always keep a bottle of perfume at work in case I need to go out at night. The ones I leave in the office are normally ones I don't really enjoy.

Body lotion- I choose full size body lotion instead of hand cream because my coworkers enjoy sharing my products. Given that I'm not the only person using it, it's better to keep a bottle of cheap body lotion at work. I do have my own hand cream in my bag when I need it. I used to leave my hand creams at work but after someone left me an empty tube I decided to stop leaving them on my desk.

Apart from lip balm, everything on my desk are being "shared" by my coworkers. I don't mind sharing but don't use it up and leave me an empty bottle. People should really bring their own beauty supplies to work! No sharing is allowed!

What do you keep at your work station? Do your coworkers share your beauty supplies?

Hokkaido 3- Otaru Part 2

I had to make an unexpected trip back to Otaru on the fourth day of the trip. I bought an "熊出沒注意" alarm clock but the lady gave me an empty box. I paid around $60 CAD for the clock so I had to go back to get it. I had to head to Hakodate later that day so couldn't stay in Otaru for that long. But I did get to go to the two places I missed out on the previous day.

Why did I want to go back to Otaru? I wanted to get a set of Hello Kitty cup and saucer. I know it sounds stupid as I went through all the trouble to carry it back to Canada and I don't even love Hello Kitty that much. I prefer My Melody and My Little Twin Stars over Hello Kitty. But it's just everywhere with all the limited edition stationery, all the cross over editions it's very hard to resist.

There are two designs for the cup so I forced my boyfriend to have a cup of coffee so I can get the other set as well. The saucer looks the same for both sets. It did come with a piece of cake that tasted good but there was nothing special about it. 

The next stop was to stop by Le Tao for their cheesecake. I tried it the day before and I like it so much I had to have it again! I'm never liked cheesecake as I don't like cheese but LeTao cheesecakes are so good I can eat it everyday.  

This is their chocolate flavour double cheesecake. It's good but the original one does taste better. The original one is just creamier and had a richer taste.

There are places I missed in Otaru. I missed the Sankaku Ichiba Market, a super tiny fish market that's next to the Otaru station. I should have went there for lunch but I had a train to catch so time didn't allow me to go. 
Restaurant I missed- Otaru Uminekoya  海貓屋 it's a Japanese style Italian restaurant. I love Japanese style seafood pasta so it's definitely worth trying.
 I like this city a lot and I will go back during warmer months (May to September) as it's the best season for uni~
Warmer months= less clothes to carry= more room for shopping!   

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Restaurant Review: Solo Sushi Ya

I love Japanese food and it's something I can have every night and never get tired of. There are lots of Japanese restaurants in where I live but most of them are run by Korean and Chinese. I tend to avoid those restaurants as the quality of the food is just not so great. I still go to Chinese run Japanese restaurants for Teppanyaki in Toronto. But when it comes to Sushi, I try to stick to Japanese run restaurants. The quality of the food is just better.

About this restaurant, the first time I've heard about it was around 2 years ago when I was searching for a decent Japanese Restaurant that is relatively closer to home and there I found Solo Sushi Ya. They do have another location in downtown but I heard it's not as good and downtown is much farther for me than Newmarket. Even if I drive local, it only takes me 20 to get there. The only thing I want to complain about is it doesn't open on weekends during lunch time and there are food on the menu that are only offered during lunch time. So unless I actually take time off work to go there for lunch on a weekday otherwise I can never have them.

I know a lot of people go there for their omakase, but I am not a fan of their omakase. I've tried it once and my friend also tried it. We both think that the omakase is not that great. There are other places for omakase. They are good food but I prefer to have something I have control over. They serve good hot Japanese food it's just that the food in the omakase isn't something I truly like.

They offer very fresh sashimi, it's one of my favourite places in town for sashimi. I like to get their open sashimi. You don't know what you get, basically the chef decides for you. He makes his choices based on what he knows you like and the best catch of the day. For their open sashimi, he charges based on the market value so you won't know the price on the menu.
For me, the open sashimi always consists of smoked mackerel, tuna, hamachi, salmon, amaebi (sweet shrimp). The remaining sashimi always depends on the catch of the day. This time we got aji instead of the normal scallop sashimi. The aji was served with ginger and spring onions. I've always wanted to try aji in Toronto but most restaurants don't have it. I just realized you can only get fresh aji on Fridays or Saturdays as the fish dealer/importer leaves Toronto on Tuesdays and comes back on Thursday nights with their fresh catch so it's only available on Fridays and Saturdays.   

Salad with homemade salad dressing. I actually like their salad dressing but I prefer the salad dressing at Shiso Tree Cafe at J Town.

Uni sushi with homemade soy sauce. I love uni sushi. 

Aji, Ika and Hamachi. All are great with aji being the best. 
Aji sushi. I haven't tried aji sushi at other Toronto Japanese restaurants before so I can't compare. 

abalone, scallop and amaebi(sweet shrimp) sushi. 
They ran out of octopus sushi so they gave me abalone sushi instead. This place has really good amaebi sushi. Just look at the size of the shrimp. I love the shrimp here. 

Just look at the shrimp. It's so big and juicy! Apart from Solo Sushi, the only other restaurant that served huge Amaebi is Kaji Sushi. Other places only serve you the tiny amaebi that is the size of my pinky finger. 

This is something new to me. I love handrolls but I've never tried the handrolls at Solo Sushi. They are a lot bigger than the handrolls at Miyabi but these taste so good. They are spicy salmon, negi hama ( chopped up hamachi with spring onion) and spicy tuna handrolls. The negi hama has to be the best among the three. One of the must try from this restaurant. 

Free dessert!! I'm glad their free dessert is not green tea ice cream. I tend to skip dessert if all they give me is a green tea ice cream. Their daily dessert is a coffee pudding made by Jyo's wife. I think this pudding is available daily because I see it every time I go. My boyfriend doesn't like dessert also enjoyed this pudding. 

I didn't order any sets but I was still given the salad and miso soup so I'm not sure if this place gives out salad and miso soup to all its customers as I know some places don't do that unless it's specified in your meal. The chef also gave me and my boyfriend free sake as this was our first time there after the new year. 

This is a restaurant I enjoy going to but I don't go there very often. Maybe once every two or three months but most of my experiences there are enjoyable. It's a small restaurant so expect to wait and do make reservations as it gets pretty crowded on Fridays during the warmer months. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Holy Grail: Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Treatment

I am a beauty junkie and I love trying out new products but there are products and brands I always go back to. Sulwhasoo has to be one of them. This is probably one of my favourite skin care brand. I have tried a lot of their products and I will definitely recommend a lot of their products. Their herbal soap, First Care Serum and their overnight sleeping mask are the three products I love the most.

I do have to thank the Koreans for making sleeping masks so popular. With all the different brands and types out there, you really have to test around to find the ones you love the most. The ones I like are cream based with herbal/medicinal scent. I personally love the scent and find them soothing. I stopped using gel based sleeping masks as I find them a little bit too sticky for me. With all the sleeping mask I've tried, I find Sulwhasoo making one of the best sleeping masks in the market. 

( size shown here is their deluxe sample. Regular size is 120ml. It basically looks the same but bigger)

Product description: 

Formulated with Korean medicinal herbs, this overnight mask awakens a radiant looking skin with nourishing moisture and herbal extracts. 
- Acutelobed Angelica and Pomegranate help brighten skin tone and Walnut and White Mulberry restore skin's vitality by delivering essential nutrients - Creating an essential moisture layer on the skin, this mask assures optimum penetration of nourishing herbs while you rest.

full size and sample size all come in the same tube design.

This is a cream based masks that spreads out easily. It's fast absorbing and doesn't leave your skin with a sticky feeling. 

Well basically this is a mask that doesn't require washing. I call it the lazy mask. All you need to do is slather some on your face and go to bed. It's great when you are lazy and when you don't have time to do a proper facial mask. Or you just use this as the last step of your daily skin care regime. 

I have been using this for the last two years and after I started using it, I don't have dry flaky skin during the winter anymore. It makes my skin super hydrated and soft. 

This is a product I try to use daily during the winter time. I slather it on my skin after my face cream. Even I already used as mask, I still put it on my skin unless I am on a skincare diet that night. I don't really use this much during the warmer months as my skin tends to get a little oil during the summer. I might use this once or twice a week during the warmer months. 

For a Sulwhasoo product, I would say this is great value. If I remember the price correctly it is 120 ml for $60. Are there cheaper alternatives that give similar results? Yes, a lot of Korean brands make sleeping masks and Myeonghan Miindo by The Face Shop does make amazing sleeping masks at half the price. I prefer Sulwhasoo because I'm basically using their entire skin care regime and I prefer using the same brands. 

Have you tried any Sulwhasoo products? What's your favourite sleeping mask?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Review: Elizabeth Grant Cell Vitality 3-1 eye treatment

I've been given the opportunity to try this product as it came in one of my beauty box subscriptions. Well it came in the Fall 2012 Loose Button box but I did not try it until the beginning of the year. 

This is a treatment so I think this is a serum. Well I've never really tried any good eye serums so I don't really know what to expect from an eye serum. 

The product claims that it targets puffy eyes and also helps in reducing lines and dark circle at the same time. I've checked the Elizabeth Grant website and this product isn't available anymore. But back in November when this product was available, it retailed at $29.99

I don't have fine lines yet but I do have dark circles and sometimes my eyes are puffy. I've been using this product since the beginning of the year. I only use it at night and I've been trying it for 6 weeks. I don't see any noticeable results on my eyes.  

I don't have fine lines so I don't expect to see any result. Puffiness- it did somewhat relived the puffiness but it has never been a major concern for me. Dark circle- no change at all.

There are things I like about this product that I like to share.  
I love the design of it. I love the three roller ball design. They give my eyes a nice little massage that helped reduce the puffiness. 

But I do find it hard to control the amount of product I use. I always squeeze the tube a little too hard so I'm always using too much of the serum.

The serum comes out clear and watery. It is quite soothing on my skin. It is a serum so I do need to use my regular eye cream after this product. 

I haven't seen any results yet but I will finish the product. Will I buy this product again? Even if it's not discontinued, I won't repurchase this serum. I believe there are better serums on the market. I will try out Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair eye treatment once I finish this one!

Have you tried this product before? Are there any eye serums you would recommend?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Jo Malone Collection

I love Jo Malone Cologne. Ever since I got my first bottle I got addicted. It's a very bad addiction. There were times I bought a few bottles a month. I'm slowly trying to buy less as this is such an expensive addiction. I'm not only buying perfume. I also use their diffuser, body scrub and face cream. Their body products are too expensive otherwise I would have switched to all their products completely. The only Jo Malone product that I don't think I'll be ever getting are their candles. I don't really notice their scents when I burn their candles. For my candles, I prefer Voluspa over Jo Malone.

I love their skincare range. They made one of the best face cream in the market. At least it worked very well on my skin. I love their Ginseng Day Moisturizing cream. I use it as my night cream and it kept my skin moisturized during the winter. But it got discontinued. I still have one jar at home. I cleared out all the remaining stock they had when they discontinued the product. Right now they only have the Vitamin E skincare range. I have yet to try that line but I don't think I will like it as much.

The first time I've heard of Jo Malone was back in 2006 when I visited London for the first time. It was too expensive for me at that time so I never thought of getting their perfume. My friends from Hong Kong recommended Jo Malone to me telling me how great they smell. So in 2011 I went to the Jo Malone counter at Holt Renfrew at their Bloor Street location and picked up my first bottle of Jo Malone. Ever since that visit, I couldn't go back. My first bottle is English Pear and Freesia and this is still my favourite from Jo Malone.

Left to Right: English Pear and Freesia, Plum Blossom, Nectarine Blossom and Honey Cologne, Wild Bluebell

English Pear and Freesia is my all time favourite. This is a fruity cologne but not too sweet. I find it just right for me. I use this on a regular basis, either layering with other cologne or use it alone. 

Plum Blossom, this was a limited edition cologne that came out in 2012. There is a pinkish ribbon that came with the bottle but I couldn't find it. It's a light woody, musky and floral cologne. I haven't really played around trying to layer it with other perfume. I normally use this alone. 

Nectarine Blossom and Honey Cologne. This is a fruity cologne and I used to love it. This was the second Jo Malone Cologne a got. I got it in its full size because I loved the scent a lot. But now I find it too sweet for my taste and I'm trying very hard to finish it up. I used to be able to use it alone, but now I have to layer it with other Jo Malone cologne so that it won't be overly sweet for me. 

Wild Bluebell is a floral cologne and I use it for layering with other cologne. I normally use this with English Pear and Freesia. 

London Blooms line that was inspired by the British garden. They were limited edition cologne from 2012. I never expected to pick up all three bottles. I made two separate trips to complete this collection. The first time I went I only picked up white lilac & Rhubarb and Peony & Moss. I never expected to get Iris & Lady Moore. But my boyfriend said since they all belong to the same set and they were limited so I went back to pick up the last bottle. 

They smell very different with white lilac & rhubarb being my favourite because I love floral perfume. Peony & Moss is more on the green side. Iris & Lady Moore is more woody but it's growing on me. 

Jo Malone tea collection. These were supposed to be limited edition from 2011 but I bought them in 2012 and Earl grey and cucumber then became part of their regular series in 2012. 

Assam & Grapefruit: I bought this because of the deal the BA gave me. I haven't used this at all and got it only because it was limited.

Sweet Lemon: Every time I smell this it reminds me of lemon tea. I love the citrus scent from this cologne. It's good for layering.

Earl Grey and Cucumber: I love this one. You can't really use it on its own but it's great for layering with other perfume. I will get a full size bottle once I finish this one. 

Left to right: Blackberry and Bay, Vanilla and Anise, White Jasmine and mint, French Lime Blossom

Blackberry & Bay: The newest in the Jo Malone family, one of the fruity cologne. Its on the lighter side that won't be overwhelmingly sweet. It's full of grapefruit and blackberry scent. Again I use it alone or layering.

Vanilla and Anise: One of the spicier cologne in my JM collection. It's not a very sweet vanilla cologne and its good for layering with my collection.

White Jasmine and mint: This is on the greener and floral side because of the mint. I don't normally use this alone. I love pairing it with Orange Blossom. 

French Lime Blossom: I love floral cologne. This is one of my favourite floral cologne. I love using this one alone.    

left to right: Grapefruit, Red Rose, Lime Basil & Mandarin, Patchouli, Freesia and King William Pear. 

The first three are all deluxe samples I received from JM. The last three came with my English Pear and Freesia Chronicle set.

Grapefruit: very citrus cologne that I only use for layering. I haven't opened the sample yet as I'm still trying to use up the sample vials I received from JM.

Red Rose: This is the best red rose perfume I've tried on the market. It smells divine. I love it enough to get the home diffuser for my room! If they ever come out with the Red Rose Chronicle set, I will get it right away. 

Lime Basil & mandarin: This is one of their signature scents but I don't like it. It smells too unisex for me. Not something I will use on its own. I haven't really played around with this scent.

Patchouli, Freesia and King William Pear: They all came with my English Pear and Freesia set that are for pairing with English Pear and Freesia. They are miniatures of the main notes in the English Pear and Freesia cologne. Since this is limited so I'm really hesitant in using them. I like all three of them so I do wish they come in bigger bottles. 

JM Vials that are not in my purses or make up bags. They are mainly the same scent. Among the vials here, I think there are only 6 different scents. 

If I don't specifically tell them what I want to try, I always end up with the same samples which are Orange Blossom and Pomegranate Noir.
Orange Blossom: I have enough of the sample vials I don't need to buy the actual cologne! This has a citrus scent and I love to use this for layering with other JM cologne.

Pomegranate Noir: This is a very sweet fruity cologne. I didn't like it at first but this is growing on me. Once I finish up my samples I might get it. 

Blue Agava and Cocao: sweet and spicy cologne. I love it and it's on my wish list for a while. I can never get a sample of this as they never have it in store.  

Note: full size and deluxe sample size doubles are not featured in the pictures. 

Beauty Haul from T&T

Yes, I actually bought beauty products from T&T. This is unbelievable. T&T is a local Chinese supermarket in Canada. I was supposed to go there and get a pack of ginger and leave. I know they always sell beauty products at T&T. They have a huge selection of My Beauty Diary Masks that they retail at decent price. I still find them overpriced as I get mine from Hong Kong. My sister goes back every year to restock me with basic beauty products. With all the promotions and without the tax. I normally get mine at half the price they sell at T&T so I never go there for my paper masks. Besides I prefer Korean paper masks over the My Beauty Diary Masks. Don't get me wrong, they are great affordable masks but I just like Korean ones better.

I've always wanted to try Naruko Products. I never knew they are readily available at T&T. I prefer to buy local if there isn't a big price difference. I hate waiting for my packages to arrive. I know Naruko products are available through their Canadian distributor and I thought of getting them once I run out of face cream. Naruko paper masks are on sale at T&T so I had to pick them up. After I got home and checked the prices at the Naruko Canada website. I definitely got myself a deal. The prices at T&T are a few bucks cheaper than the online prices!

Left to Right: White Magnolia Brightening and firming mask, Raw Job's Tears Supercritical CO2 Brighting mask.

I love paper masks, they are convenient and non messy. I always pick paper masks over wash off masks. so two boxes of paper masks won't do any harm to my masks collection. I only have enough that will last for 6 months if I use them everyday, That's nothing compared to my friend's collections where they stocked up a year's supply. 

The Magnolia mask is different from the ones I normally use. It is using the ear loop mask design for it's firming effect. I've never tried the ear loop masks before so this is something new to me. I will definitely try them this week. 

The masks normally retail for 29.99 for the Magnolia and 23.99 for the Raw Job's Tear. Right now they are on sale for 22.99 and 18.99 respectively. It is a good price to try out new products. 

I also picked up two packs of Tsubaki shampoo from Shiseido. My friends had been raving about these shampoo for years but I've never tried them. I used to use Shiseido FT shampoo when I used to live in Hong Kong and I loved Japanese shampoo. They just make your hair so soft and manageable. I just haven't tried this line as it seemed too expensive for a bottle of shampoo. As years gone by, I notice their prices getting more affordable at T&T so this time I've finally picked up two sets to try. Each set are on sale at $14.99. The shampoo and conditioner are also on sale at $12.99 compared to the regular  price  of $17.99 
The Tsubaki line is infused with Tsubaki oil or essential oil and they are supposed to make your hair soft and hydrated. I'm trying just to see if they are living up towards the hype. 
gold line comes with a hair mask where you use once a week while the white set comes with the conditioner. There is also a red line but I couldn't find the set at my local T&T.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Perfume collection

I would say my perfume collection has grown significantly throughout the years, as I got older, scents I like changed quite a bit. There are perfumes I used to love that I don't love anymore. Those all turn into room sprays or soon to be room sprays. I can stand the smell in my room but not on me!

I used to buy a lot of perfume. I buy them whenever I see them go on sale. Even thought I don't love the scent that much I get them  because they were on sale. I don't want to miss out on any deals. I also get them because of their packaging. I'm a sucker when it comes to packaging. There were times I even kept the empty perfume bottles because of their packaging. Those days have long passed. I stopped collecting bottles and I try my best to buy perfume I truly love. No more impulse purchase on perfume. So this year I only bought one bottle. There are several bottles on my wishlist but they can wait as long as they are not limited edition  perfume.

First comes my Anna Sui Collection. I love Anna Sui perfume. I bought every single one of her perfumes until rock me where I had to stop buying as my collection was growing too big. Anna Sui original perfume and Sui Love aren't featured in the pictures as I don't have them anymore. Anna Sui original is the first ever full size perfume I finished using.
Left to right: Sui Dreams, Night of Fancy, Flight of Fancy, Rock Me, Love your Dream.
Apart from Sui Dreams, they are all brand new or I've only used them once or twice.

Anna Sui dolly girl collection. Apart from the pink dolly girl, they were all yearly limited editions. 

Left to right: Sui Dreams minature, secret wish and magic romance. 
Sui Dreams is just for collection purpose as I hated the scent. I'm still missing the Secret Wish Fairy Dance in the secret wish perfume collection. Secret Wish has always been one of my favourite perfume and I still keep it in the daily usage box. 

Marc Jacobs collection. 
Marc Jacobs rain, a very refreshing light scent that now I use as a roomspray. I might try to use it for layering with my other perfume.
Daisy: um. brand new just opened the box not too long ago.
Marc Jacobs: Impulse purchase, got it cuz it was 50% off.
Dot: I don't like the smell. It just smelled a little too sweet for my taste. Got it from my Topbox subscription. 
Lola: Impulse purchase. It's my first solid perfume. made an awesome accessory piece on my bag.

:Left to Right: Still, Coolwater, Tom kitten cologne, Tommy girl, Gucci Envy & Envy me.
Still and Coolwater are both brand new. I got both when they were on sale. I used to love coolwater but after I got it, I just didn't feel like using it. Tom Kitten and Tommy Girl, I used to love both of them but now I just don't like them anymore. 
Gucci Envy and Envy me. I still like both of them just that I don't have time to use them. 

Left to right: Burberry Brit, Burberry Touch, Jill Stuart, Miss Dior Cherie, J'adore 
These five are one of my go to daily perfume. With Miss Dior Cherie being the favourite in this set. 

Samples and random purchases. I don't really know how these got into my collection. Haven't really tried out any of them. They just sit there! 

These are either random samples or samples that I have full size for. If I remember correctly as I only tested them once, most of them in this picture are perfume that I don't really like. 

And now comes my latest obsession. Jo Malone Cologne! I love Jo Malone so much it deserves it's own post. This is an ever growing collection that grows when I new scent comes out or when there are limited editions.

Are there perfume on my wishlist? 
Definitely! I want to try Annick Goutal Petite Cherie, my friends told me this is the best pear fragrance on the market. 
I also want Jo Malone Blue Agava and Cacao which will be great for pairing with my existing JM collection. 
The last one on my list is Ferragamo Signoria. Ever since I saw the bottle I know I want to bring it home. With the little bow on the bottle and it's pink!

Do you own any of these perfumes? What is on your current wish list?