Monday, February 25, 2013

Hokkaido 3- Otaru Part 2

I had to make an unexpected trip back to Otaru on the fourth day of the trip. I bought an "熊出沒注意" alarm clock but the lady gave me an empty box. I paid around $60 CAD for the clock so I had to go back to get it. I had to head to Hakodate later that day so couldn't stay in Otaru for that long. But I did get to go to the two places I missed out on the previous day.

Why did I want to go back to Otaru? I wanted to get a set of Hello Kitty cup and saucer. I know it sounds stupid as I went through all the trouble to carry it back to Canada and I don't even love Hello Kitty that much. I prefer My Melody and My Little Twin Stars over Hello Kitty. But it's just everywhere with all the limited edition stationery, all the cross over editions it's very hard to resist.

There are two designs for the cup so I forced my boyfriend to have a cup of coffee so I can get the other set as well. The saucer looks the same for both sets. It did come with a piece of cake that tasted good but there was nothing special about it. 

The next stop was to stop by Le Tao for their cheesecake. I tried it the day before and I like it so much I had to have it again! I'm never liked cheesecake as I don't like cheese but LeTao cheesecakes are so good I can eat it everyday.  

This is their chocolate flavour double cheesecake. It's good but the original one does taste better. The original one is just creamier and had a richer taste.

There are places I missed in Otaru. I missed the Sankaku Ichiba Market, a super tiny fish market that's next to the Otaru station. I should have went there for lunch but I had a train to catch so time didn't allow me to go. 
Restaurant I missed- Otaru Uminekoya  海貓屋 it's a Japanese style Italian restaurant. I love Japanese style seafood pasta so it's definitely worth trying.
 I like this city a lot and I will go back during warmer months (May to September) as it's the best season for uni~
Warmer months= less clothes to carry= more room for shopping!   

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