Monday, February 18, 2013

Beauty Haul from T&T

Yes, I actually bought beauty products from T&T. This is unbelievable. T&T is a local Chinese supermarket in Canada. I was supposed to go there and get a pack of ginger and leave. I know they always sell beauty products at T&T. They have a huge selection of My Beauty Diary Masks that they retail at decent price. I still find them overpriced as I get mine from Hong Kong. My sister goes back every year to restock me with basic beauty products. With all the promotions and without the tax. I normally get mine at half the price they sell at T&T so I never go there for my paper masks. Besides I prefer Korean paper masks over the My Beauty Diary Masks. Don't get me wrong, they are great affordable masks but I just like Korean ones better.

I've always wanted to try Naruko Products. I never knew they are readily available at T&T. I prefer to buy local if there isn't a big price difference. I hate waiting for my packages to arrive. I know Naruko products are available through their Canadian distributor and I thought of getting them once I run out of face cream. Naruko paper masks are on sale at T&T so I had to pick them up. After I got home and checked the prices at the Naruko Canada website. I definitely got myself a deal. The prices at T&T are a few bucks cheaper than the online prices!

Left to Right: White Magnolia Brightening and firming mask, Raw Job's Tears Supercritical CO2 Brighting mask.

I love paper masks, they are convenient and non messy. I always pick paper masks over wash off masks. so two boxes of paper masks won't do any harm to my masks collection. I only have enough that will last for 6 months if I use them everyday, That's nothing compared to my friend's collections where they stocked up a year's supply. 

The Magnolia mask is different from the ones I normally use. It is using the ear loop mask design for it's firming effect. I've never tried the ear loop masks before so this is something new to me. I will definitely try them this week. 

The masks normally retail for 29.99 for the Magnolia and 23.99 for the Raw Job's Tear. Right now they are on sale for 22.99 and 18.99 respectively. It is a good price to try out new products. 

I also picked up two packs of Tsubaki shampoo from Shiseido. My friends had been raving about these shampoo for years but I've never tried them. I used to use Shiseido FT shampoo when I used to live in Hong Kong and I loved Japanese shampoo. They just make your hair so soft and manageable. I just haven't tried this line as it seemed too expensive for a bottle of shampoo. As years gone by, I notice their prices getting more affordable at T&T so this time I've finally picked up two sets to try. Each set are on sale at $14.99. The shampoo and conditioner are also on sale at $12.99 compared to the regular  price  of $17.99 
The Tsubaki line is infused with Tsubaki oil or essential oil and they are supposed to make your hair soft and hydrated. I'm trying just to see if they are living up towards the hype. 
gold line comes with a hair mask where you use once a week while the white set comes with the conditioner. There is also a red line but I couldn't find the set at my local T&T.

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