Monday, February 25, 2013

what do you keep at your work station?

We all spend a lot of time at work. On a regular day I spend at least 8 hours at work. During tax season and hen deadlines are approaching, I spend even more time in the office. There are times I only have enough time to go home for a shower and head back to work so I do stock up beauty supplies at work. 

Apart from beauty supplies in my make up bag, these are things I keep at my work station.

Vitamin C- I don't like the chewable ones. I prefer the water soluble ones where I can just drink it.

Sleeping Mask- I don't live or sleep in the office but there are times when I need a quick fix to my skin this comes in handy. This is like a rich cream so people won't notice you're doing a facial mask. It will pump up your skin for the entire day! This is a mask from the face shop.

Lip treatment/lip balm- I always keep lip balm at work as my lips dry up pretty quickly. No one likes dry chapped lips.

Perfume- I always keep a bottle of perfume at work in case I need to go out at night. The ones I leave in the office are normally ones I don't really enjoy.

Body lotion- I choose full size body lotion instead of hand cream because my coworkers enjoy sharing my products. Given that I'm not the only person using it, it's better to keep a bottle of cheap body lotion at work. I do have my own hand cream in my bag when I need it. I used to leave my hand creams at work but after someone left me an empty tube I decided to stop leaving them on my desk.

Apart from lip balm, everything on my desk are being "shared" by my coworkers. I don't mind sharing but don't use it up and leave me an empty bottle. People should really bring their own beauty supplies to work! No sharing is allowed!

What do you keep at your work station? Do your coworkers share your beauty supplies?


  1. I have water soluble vitamin C tablets at my desk as well. :3
    Aside from that I keep hand sanitizer, hand cream, aloe vera, lip gloss, lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, concealer and...I don't know anymore it's a whole drawer lol.
    I have a drawer full of makeup in case I stay over at a friend's place or if I'm going out after work.

    I only share the vitamin c, hand sanitizer and hand cream. Everything else is a no no.

    1. wow! You keep a lot of stuff at work. If I get to choose I don't want to share anything with my coworkers.

  2. Great essentials to keep on your work desk dear! :)) I love having a gigantic bottle of hand cream or a body lotion cuz my hands get so dry! Also I like having a hand sanitizer and a lip butter! <3


    1. hand cream and body lotions are a must at work especially during winter. I can't use hand sanitizers. They dry up my hands badly. I can only use baby wipes or wash my hands.

  3. /definitely/ hand cream and lip balm. so necessary!

    1. I'd say that's what most people have at their desk.