Saturday, February 16, 2013

Perfume collection

I would say my perfume collection has grown significantly throughout the years, as I got older, scents I like changed quite a bit. There are perfumes I used to love that I don't love anymore. Those all turn into room sprays or soon to be room sprays. I can stand the smell in my room but not on me!

I used to buy a lot of perfume. I buy them whenever I see them go on sale. Even thought I don't love the scent that much I get them  because they were on sale. I don't want to miss out on any deals. I also get them because of their packaging. I'm a sucker when it comes to packaging. There were times I even kept the empty perfume bottles because of their packaging. Those days have long passed. I stopped collecting bottles and I try my best to buy perfume I truly love. No more impulse purchase on perfume. So this year I only bought one bottle. There are several bottles on my wishlist but they can wait as long as they are not limited edition  perfume.

First comes my Anna Sui Collection. I love Anna Sui perfume. I bought every single one of her perfumes until rock me where I had to stop buying as my collection was growing too big. Anna Sui original perfume and Sui Love aren't featured in the pictures as I don't have them anymore. Anna Sui original is the first ever full size perfume I finished using.
Left to right: Sui Dreams, Night of Fancy, Flight of Fancy, Rock Me, Love your Dream.
Apart from Sui Dreams, they are all brand new or I've only used them once or twice.

Anna Sui dolly girl collection. Apart from the pink dolly girl, they were all yearly limited editions. 

Left to right: Sui Dreams minature, secret wish and magic romance. 
Sui Dreams is just for collection purpose as I hated the scent. I'm still missing the Secret Wish Fairy Dance in the secret wish perfume collection. Secret Wish has always been one of my favourite perfume and I still keep it in the daily usage box. 

Marc Jacobs collection. 
Marc Jacobs rain, a very refreshing light scent that now I use as a roomspray. I might try to use it for layering with my other perfume.
Daisy: um. brand new just opened the box not too long ago.
Marc Jacobs: Impulse purchase, got it cuz it was 50% off.
Dot: I don't like the smell. It just smelled a little too sweet for my taste. Got it from my Topbox subscription. 
Lola: Impulse purchase. It's my first solid perfume. made an awesome accessory piece on my bag.

:Left to Right: Still, Coolwater, Tom kitten cologne, Tommy girl, Gucci Envy & Envy me.
Still and Coolwater are both brand new. I got both when they were on sale. I used to love coolwater but after I got it, I just didn't feel like using it. Tom Kitten and Tommy Girl, I used to love both of them but now I just don't like them anymore. 
Gucci Envy and Envy me. I still like both of them just that I don't have time to use them. 

Left to right: Burberry Brit, Burberry Touch, Jill Stuart, Miss Dior Cherie, J'adore 
These five are one of my go to daily perfume. With Miss Dior Cherie being the favourite in this set. 

Samples and random purchases. I don't really know how these got into my collection. Haven't really tried out any of them. They just sit there! 

These are either random samples or samples that I have full size for. If I remember correctly as I only tested them once, most of them in this picture are perfume that I don't really like. 

And now comes my latest obsession. Jo Malone Cologne! I love Jo Malone so much it deserves it's own post. This is an ever growing collection that grows when I new scent comes out or when there are limited editions.

Are there perfume on my wishlist? 
Definitely! I want to try Annick Goutal Petite Cherie, my friends told me this is the best pear fragrance on the market. 
I also want Jo Malone Blue Agava and Cacao which will be great for pairing with my existing JM collection. 
The last one on my list is Ferragamo Signoria. Ever since I saw the bottle I know I want to bring it home. With the little bow on the bottle and it's pink!

Do you own any of these perfumes? What is on your current wish list?   


  1. I own some of these and have owned a few in the past as well! Quite the impressive collection you have here!!
    WHERE did you find Still? I feel like I have been looking for it for far too long and haven't been able to spot it. This was one of my favourite perfumes

    1. I got it at my local SDM slightly over a year ago. It was in their perfume clearance section. I'll let you know if I ever see it again.

  2. Replies
    1. Jo Malone cologne are just addictive. I got addicted to them after one bottle. So it's a collection people should never start.

  3. I love Marc Jacobs Daisy! It's one of the few perfumes I have :)

    1. I love the daisy perfume as well. It's one of the few Marc Jacobs perfumes I actually like. I don't like any of his newer ones.

  4. This is an amazing collection- I would LOVE to have this amount of perfume!

    I've been seeing more of the Jo Malone perfumes lately. These are the ones where people combines the different scents together right? Sounds really interesting and I would love to grab a few bottles to try out!

    1. It takes time to build up a perfume collection. If you have the chance you should check out Jo Malone perfumes. They blend well together. Most of them you can wear them alone, but for some of them they are made for mixing.