Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow Day!

Had an unexpected long weekend because of the snow. Received a call from my coworker that morning telling me to stay in. She called before I got out of bed so I was able to sleep till noon! But with the amount of snow on the driveway, there was no way I could leave the house. My neighborhood is always one of the last to get shovelled.

this was the amount of snow in the front yard in the afternoon. You could hardly tell the driveway from the grass. They haven't shovelled the streets yet. 
three hours later the rock in front of the house was completely covered in snow

streets were finally shovelled but driveway wasn't so couldn't go out at all
Finally stopped snowing on Saturday

So I was stuck at home during the weekend. I did manage to get things done. I managed to get some knitting done. I'm almost done knitting Chart A for my Guernsey Wrap. 
This is the WIP on thursday night. 
The WIP after Friday night! This is the true color of the yarn. dark purple tweed yarn. Not the softest yarn available but I do love tweed yarn!


  1. Not very often Toronto gets this much snow. Nice that you could stay in and didn't have to go out in the crazy weather.

    1. It was relaxing. I don't remember when was the last time I stayed at home for three days