Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Face Q Beauty and Bebe Foot Review

I love using foot masks. I'm the lazy type of girl and I love the idea of how I don't need to use a pumice stone and spend hours to scrub off the dead skin on my foot so I enjoy using foot masks since all I have to do is sit for an hour or two and let the foot mask work its magic.

I was so excited when I saw the Face Q Beauty and Bebe foot mask at TnT supermarket since it claims that you only need to leave it on for 1 to 1.5 hours compared to leaving it on for 2 hours (Baby foot from Japan). I love using Taiwanese products and I've tried masks from Face Q before and for the prices they charge, the quality is decent. It's from the same company, so these foot masks shouldn't be that bad.

Well, I'm not sure was it just the package I got or every package is the same. Everything was nicely packed in the box. I had to open up the foiled package and inside I find the two foot masks. The mask wasn't leaking but it felt so sticky I had to sit in my washroom for the entire time as I was afraid that the serum would leak and I would get it on my carpet. I normally put it on and I walk around the house as they are made of plastic and never leaked. That was the first disappointment.

The fitting of the mask isn't that great. This is a one size fit all mask and I have petite feet so it felt like it was falling off and they didn't give you any tape so I had to find my own tape to keep the mask in place.

The smell wasn't that great either. It smelled very strong and it wasn't a pleasant smell so I had a hard time using the mask. The smell from the Baby foot brand smelled a lot better than. I always wanted to remove the mask as I hated the smell. But I still managed to keep them on for an hour. The smell wouldn't bother me as much if the mask actually worked but to me this mask did nothing.

When I use the baby foot masks, I normally notice peeling after the 3rd day. But with this mask, there was no sign of peeling at all. You're supposed to notice dead skin flaking off gradually and you will have soft skin in 2 weeks time. But two weeks passed and I didn't notice any peeling on my feet.  So it turned out to be a waste of time and money for me. I'm better off using other brands. There is also a foot cream that came with the foot mask. A cream is a cream so I don't think there would be any disappointment with the cream.


  1. I hate it when it doesn't peel!

    1. so far this is the only one that didn't peel.