Friday, March 4, 2011

flower shawl

This has to be one of my favourite finished projects because it's my first Japanese knitting pattern. It won't be the last. Never thought I could manage knitting a Japanese pattern without anyone to help me. Saw the store sample at a Chinese mall in Toronto and I instantly fell in love with it. The yarn the store model used was a 100% merino yarn with glittery threads. They also changed the cast off edge into a nice ruffled edge. It just looks special as I've never made any shawls like this before. All the shawls I've knitted have airy lacy edges. This is just a change for me. 

This is a pattern designed by Hitomi Shida for Couture Knits 11: Elegance knits エレガンスなニット. You gotta love all the lovely designs from Hitomi Shida. However, with my current skills, I don't think I can knit one of her sweater patterns. 

As this is a Japanese pattern, I chose to use Japanese yarn with this pattern. I've used Nikke Victor Subtle yarn for this project. I've used 8.5 balls of yarn for the actual shawl, and another 2.5 for crocheting the ruffled edge. 

close up on the flower motif.

lace edge chart and ruffled edge

Yardage: 1232 yards 
Needle size: 4.5mm


  1. that shawl is GORGEOUS!! but you haev to tell me- there's a knitting store in the Chinese mall in Toronto? the one in Chinatown? Which store?

  2. Thanks!. As far as I know, there are actually two knitting stores that sell Japanese yarn in the GTA area. it's not actually located in downtown Toronto. Both of them are in Markham, one is right at the Toronto/Markham boundary on Steeles Ave. One is called Finery Hand Knitting yarn and accessories. It's at 398 Ferrier Street, Unit 116. It's right at Steeles ave and Warden. The other one is a bit north, located at First Markham Place ( Woodbine and Highway 7) called Sweet Home Yarns. I don't know the exact unit number as they just moved to another unit inside the mall.