Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stockholm Scarf

The scarf has been on my list for a while. I know if I make it with a winter yarn, I wouldn't be able to use it long as it was almost spring when I started making it, so I used a cotton/acrylic blend instead since I want a cowl for the warmer months.

I got this yarn when I went to the Japanese yarn store at Warden and Steeles. I don't normally go there as I hate that plaza. I had to go to Ajisen Ramen that day so stopped by the yarn store after lunch. I don't normally use acrylic yarn since I prefer natural fiber. But I like this color, it's a red and purple variegated yarn, it's different from the colors I normally use and they were on sale at 30% off so I got it for my cowl. It's the Olympus Melange yarn. Not the softest yarn to work with, I find it a bit scratchy, but I like the color so I will live with the unpleasant knitting experience with this yarn.

This should be a DK weight yarn, with 100 meters per skein. This is actually the true color of the yarn. Still haven't been able to take any pictures of the cowl under natural sunlight so the color of the cowl isn't its true color. 

The pattern was easy to memorize. I was able to finish knitting a skein of yarn a day so it only took me 5 days to finish the cowl. I had some problems with my cast on as I kept leaving too little yarn for my cast on, so I ended up doing it over and over again. I either had too much yarn left or I had too little yarn for the cast on. Took me 10 times to get my cast on right. I left too much yarn for the cast on, so I ended up casting on more stitches as I didn't want to waste the yarn. I cast on 266 stitches, I didn't do the side ribbing as I was knitting it in the round.

I used 5.2 skeins for my cowl. If I didn't cast on that many stitches, I should be able to stop after using 4.5 skeins. I still have yarn left for embroidery work on my hibernated Daphne Purse. Had to put that purse on hold as I didn't have yarn for the embroidery. 

I really like this pattern and I'll make it again for winter. 

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