Tuesday, July 12, 2011

rowan magazine 50

 I finally received my subscription copy of the Rowan magazine. With the post office just finished going on strike, I'm surprised I get it this quickly. There are still mail from June that aren't here yet. What makes this issue special, this is the 50th issue of the Rowan magazine and as the 50th issue since publication, subscribers get the limited hardcover version of the magazine. I have to admit I love hardcover books. They are more durable than paperbacks. And this is better than the silly reusable knitting bag rowan gave out last year. The bag was worse than my sobeys reusable shopping bag, totally not worth the subscription value. The book they later gave out, winter kids. Seriously? A kids pattern book? Does it look like every single knitter have kids? It's just not useful for everybody. I still prefer receiving yarn plus a pattern. Even if I don't like the pattern, I still get to try out new yarn. I know I don't get to choose the color of the yarn but it's still better than receiving patterns you don't like. I can swap yarn with other knitters. 

Rowan 50 in hardcover. 

cabled cape jacket and mitts that appeared in the alternate paperback cover. I like both of them. I'll probably make the mitts as presents for my friends. I'll probably make it for my friend that is leaving for Luxembourg in August for a year.  

cabled cape jacket. I really want to start making it even though what I should really be working on is my assignment that is due on Thursday. It requires 17 skeins of Rowan felted tweed aran for the smallest size. I checked my stash and I don't have that much yarn in aran weight so I'm thinking of getting new yarn for this project. Biggest dilemma i'm facing right now is what kind of yarn should I use, tweed or regular yarn and what color should I use. If I'm using tweed should I use Rowan or other brands. If i use Rowan, the cost can easily come out to over 200 canadian. If I choose other brands, cost will be less. Should I go the cheap way and get cascade yarn instead. If i do the cheap cascade way, it will be 8 dollars a skein and I only need 8 skeins of cascade 220 wool and it will come out to less than 70 bucks for the jacket. I should make a trip to romni this saturday to look at the yarns and make my decision or I might order some yarn from knitpicks. Never ordered anything from them before. There is always a first time for everything. 
one of the more feminine designs in the book, reminds me of some of Kim Hargreaves's designs.  I'll make it if I have yarn and time on hand.  


  1. ooh, I love the pictures you posted!! I'll have to go check out their website. I'm not quite ready for fall knitting, but it's going to get here eventually!

  2. Oh how cool! There are so many gorgeous Rowan patterns. I want them all! xD

    My vote is for tweed yarn. ^_^b