Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Murale beauty Haul

I don't go to Murale often as there aren't a lot of shops that interest me at Shop at Don Mills. But after this shopping experience I will go back more often. I went to Murale during one of their promotion events to pick up some new products to try out. After reading Hakme's review on on two Erno Laszlo's products I've decided to go pick them up. I'm a fan of cleansing soap and I'm almost finished with my silver soap so it's about time to go look for a replacement. I've heard a lot of great reviews about Erno Laszlo's soap. Several people I know uses them and they all love them. It's great to pick up items during special events as you get extra optimum points.

So during the visit I picked up two items from Erno Laszlo and one item from Natura Bisse. From Erno Laszlo I picked up the Hydraphel Skin Supplement ($49) and Firmarine face soap ($49). I also picked up the Oxygen finishing mask ($43) from Natura Bisse. I actually bought the wrong mask. I was supposed to pick up the essential shock mask but I picked up the oxygen mask by mistake. There are several items from Natura Bisse that I wanted to try but none of them were in stock. The items I wanted to try are all from their diamond white line. I'm not even going to comment on their stock level. More than half the Natura Bisse display is empty. None of the new products are here. I know Natura Bisse was available at certain The Bay counters but it seemed that they all got closed down. I do wish they will restock products from Natura Bisse as they are highly recommended by my friend. 

The generous samples given to me by the beauty advisor. This allows me to try out an entire Erno Laszlo night time skincare routine.

The beauty advisor at Murale was so nice she offered me samples from Erno Laszlo so I could try out their products. Regular sample sizes are 2 ml a tube and even when they say they are giving out deluxe samples, they are around 5ml so when I saw the samples she gave me I was shocked. I was given deluxe samples of the Firmarine night cream and Transphuse night serum sample. There is 15ml in each sample. The samples will at least last me a month and the total value of the samples are worth $192. That's already more than what I spent at Murale and I also got $25 dollars worth of optimum points from my visit. So I definitely had a great haul from Murale.

What's your latest beauty haul?

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