Thursday, July 11, 2013

Clarins Double Serum

Clarins is one of the brands I trust when it comes to skincare. I do prefer Asian brands over western brands as they just work better on my skin but when it comes to a western skincare brand that I like, it has to be Clarins. I've tried a few Clarins products and I do enjoy using all of them.

Clarins Double Serum is a product launched earlier this year and I got a bottle to try out during one of the shoppers mega redemption days as I don't want to spend $85 on a serum I've never tried before. This serum is different from the serums I've used before. It's half oil and half liquid. I've never tried a serum with oil in it.

It comes in a bottle with a pump and with each pump, it will dispense 1 unit of oil and 2 units of liquid serum. I love the idea of how it mixes the oil and serum together. I've almost finished using the bottle of serum so I've been using it long enough to start seeing results.

First of all Clarins has been selling this as an anti-aging serum and they call it a complete age control concentrate. It claims that it will make skin look firmer, wrinkles look smoother, complexion look even and pores look smaller. I don't have a problem with my skin firmness nor wrinkles so I don't expect to see improvements. But for evening out my skin complexion, I don't see  any result. When I was trying out this product, I kept the products I used on a nightly basis at a minimal, I was using cleansing soap, a regular hydrating toner, double serum and night cream. I even skipped my favourite whitening serum to check out the results of this serum. I also used regular exfoliants and masks during the period. The result was my skin looked dull. I had to add back an exfoliating toner and whitening serum to make my skin look bright and even. For the pores, I don't see any improvements.

It does an amazing job in hydrating my skin and I love the smell of this serum. To me, this serum did nothing but provide hydration to my skin and I do not need to pay that much for a serum that does nothing but to hydrate my skin. This is better than your average $15, 20 dollar serum but for serums at this price range, there are better options out there. At this price tag, I expect more than just a hydrating serum. Speaking of hydration, I would say the Give & Give lotion is doing a better job than this serum at a fraction of its cost.

Have you tried the double serum? What are your thoughts on this serum?

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  1. Glad this Clarins serum works well for
    you c: I still think its pretty pricey!
    And nope I haven't used double serum
    yet! Xx