Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Noro Fingerless Gauntlets


I was on a knitting hibernation for the longest time. In fact, the last time I finished a knitting project was more than a year ago. I got so lazy, I didn't pick up the needles nor go yarn shopping at all. I still bought knitting magazines but they were just for collection purpose.

The first time I stepped into a yarn store this year was to buy yarn for my friend's mitts but I didn't have the mood to knit until I saw these mitts from the latest issue of the Noro knitting magazine. I've always had a love/hate relationship with Noro yarns. I love their colorways but they do not make the softest yarn in the market. In fact I find most of their yarn scratchy and do not feel soft at all. They aren't the cheapest yarn in the market. At that quality, I do find them being overpriced but they do have amazing colors in their yarn. Other self striping yarn just can't beat Noro in their colors.

When I saw these I had to make them. I'm never a big fan of knitting nupps as they take forever to make but I love how these mitts turned out even though they are a little too big.

I did modified the mitts to make them a better fit for my hands. I have to say the instructions are written for people with very big hands. I followed the instructions and made them and my friends with large size female hands still find them too big. So if you have average sized hands, modification is necessary.

I made it smaller by casting on 40 stitches instead of 44 stitches. I also increased less stitches at the thumb gusset. I did a 16 stitch increase instead of 20 stitch increase. But these mitts are still a little too big. If I'm making them again, I will cast on fewer stitches, using smaller needles and I will also make them shorter. 

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