Thursday, October 3, 2013

Aoyama Sushi

I love Japanese food and it's something I never get bored of. I don't mind having Japanese food every single day. One advantage of being in Toronto is there are a lot of decent Japanese restaurant.

Aoyama sushi is my current favorite since it's so close work. It's only 10 minutes drive from work so  it  became my go-to weekday restaurant. It's close to Le Cafe Michi but it seems that it's easier to get a reservation at Aoyama. I haven't tried every single item from their menu but the following set is definitely one of my favorite.

You start off with their seafood soup. They put the soup in the teapot and you pour the soup into tiny bowls. After you finished the soup, you can open the cover and eat the seafood inside the pot. 

You then get some Japanese appetizers. I'm never a big fan of their appetizers. I prefer their sashimi and sushi. 

For the sushi in this set, you get 4 pieces of toro, 2 pieces each of the following fishes- Hamachi belly, salmon belly, snow crab leg, egg, scallop, amaebi, uni, eel and a set of salmon rolls. 

Their sashimi is fresh, they offer one of the best hamachi belly in town. The toro is impressive, one of the better toro offered in town at a decent price.   


  1. looks absolutely delicious. You're so lucky, close to so many yummy Japanese restaurants. What is the address of this one? Will have to try next time I'm in town.

    1. it's 2766 Victoria Park Avenue, Tel: 416-494-7373. It's between Van Horne and Sheppard. It's a very tiny Japanese restaurants so reservations is recommended.