Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fine Collagen Powder vs Meiji Collagen Powder

I'm currently taking Fine collagen powder even though I still have half a can of Meiji collagen powder left. This is the only time I will have two different kinds of collagen powder on hand at the same time so I've decided to do a comparison post between the two.

So both are popular collagen powders from Japan. With Meiji, each spoonful of collagen powder provides you with 5000mg of collagen which is enough for daily consumption. With Fine collagen, each spoonful provides you with 5250 mg of collagen. For me, I take 2 spoonfuls a day if I'm taking powdered collagen.

Left: Fine Collagen,  Right: Meiji
the packaging is different. I expect this to be different from the Japanese package as the Fine collagen is sold under's the name Japanese Secret.  I personally prefer the packaging of Meiji over the Fine Collagen. For Meiji, I don't have to open the lid completely.

Fine collagen powder

Meiji Collagen powder. 

Left: Fine Collagen, Right: Meiji Collagen

From the powders, you can tell that the Fine powder is much finer than the Meiji one making it easier to dissolve than the Meiji one. I would say the Meiji collagen powder is on a grainier side than the Fine powder. If you dissolve it in hot beverage, you won't have a problem dissolving it. But if you dissolve it in cold juice, I find it quite hard for the Meiji collagen powder to dissolve completely. 

For the taste, I would say the Fine collagen powder is a much better choice. It tastes like vanilla, so I enjoy added it to my soy milk or coffee in the morning. It tastes awesome. But for the Meiji one, it has a fishy taste, I can only add it to my coffee or soup to cover up the fishy taste. 

Are you currently taking any collagen supplements? 


  1. I have tried both Fine and Meiji collagen and Fine collagen works excellent compared to Meiji.

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