Thursday, May 16, 2013

FO: Cabled Cowl

I know this is not the weather for knitted objects but I was looking through my stash of knitted items to get an idea of what to make for a friend and I found a cabled cowl I made some time ago.

This is still one of my favourite cowls. This is a pattern taken from Vogue Knitting 2009 Holiday issue. When I saw this from the magazine I knew I had to make it since the sample was in pink and I love pink and I do have the perfect yarn for the project. I just happened to have several skeins of cascade 220 lying around the house. I got them at 70% their original price and the cowl seemed like the pefect project. Since I had enough yarn so I chose to make it a little bigger than the pattern. I knitted the pattern repeat for 4 times before I did the ribbing.

The cables were fun to knit but the ribbings killed me. It was super boring to do the 1x1 twisted ribbings. It tooked several hours to finish the ribbing.

The cascade 220 was the perfect yarn for the cables. They are stiff but not too stiff and helped the cables and cowl hold its shape. This is not the softest yarn in the market but I always find it doing an amazing job when it comes to knitting cables or when you need the knitwear to maintain its shape. The yarn is a bargain when it's on sale. Even at its regular price, it's still worth using. It's cheaper than a lot of yarns on the market.

I don't exactly remember the colorway of the yarn but all I remember is it's from the pink family. For the cowl, I knitted more of the cabled pattern but I didn't knit as many ribbing rows as the pattern indicated since I found it too boring and I think that the cabled pattern is more important than the side ribbing in a cowl. I used US size 8 needles for the ribbing and I went up a size to US size 9 for the cabled pattern. I used right under two skeins of yarn for this cowl. I still had around 20 yards left once I was done.

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