Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Talika Light duo

Ever since I saw this in January I know I wanted one. I get attracted to beauty gadgets easily. I love buying beauty gadgets and I do own a lot of beauty gadgets. My next gadget purchase will probably be a at home rf machine.

Normally when I buy a beauty gadget I do intensive researches and look at reviews before I buy them. This time I didn't do any research as I'm familiar with LED lights beauty treatments. I own two other LED beauty treatment gadgets and they work fairly well so once I found out this beauty gadget is for reducing dark spots I know I need to get it. The only thing I looked for was a place to buy it and the price.

This is not a price-friendly gadget. Or I would say none of the beauty gadgets are price-friendly. The MSRP in Canada is $395 plus tax but the cheapest price I can find in Canada is $335 plus tax from an online beauty store. I planned on getting it from Hong Kong since it was cheaper. I can say I got a very good deal from my friend and it was very sweet of her for bringing it back to Canada for me!

It came with an international warranty card, user manual written in different languages.

It came with a usb charging cable with ac adaptors and a dust bag. It also came with a Talika Sheet Mask. I heard that these are one of the best paper masks on the market. The results are comparable to SKII masks! 

So this is a double sided LED treatment machine. The white side remits green LED lights that are for reducing dark spots on your skin. Once you turn it on, you hold it 2-3 cm away from your skin and it will turn off automatically after 1 minute. The silver side remits amber light that is for anti wrinkle. Again you hold it 2-3cm away from your skin and it will turn off automatically after 45 seconds. This is also a collagen booster that helps stimulate the collagen production under your skin and thus improves your skin elasticity. You need to use it 2 times a day. What makes this different from other LED treatment machines on the market. This one you can use it anywhere even if you have make up or cream on. As you do not need to put it directly on your face and the treatment time is definitely shorter. 

Tanda Luxe ( Red head)- 3 minutes per treatment area
Baby Quasar (Red)- 3 minutes per treatment area.

Do you own any beauty gadgets? Which one do you use?


  1. hello Sylvia!
    I am crazy for one of it, too!
    You said you bought it from Hong Kong? Where exactly?
    And did it work for dark sports?


    1. You can find it inflight on some Cathay Pacific flights and the duty free store.
      I don't own it long enough to see the results on my face but my friend owns one and I do see improvements on her dark spots.

  2. how was the results now?? i will soon travel on cathay, considering whether to get one or not i hv many ache scars on face:(((

    1. I would say it works on dark spots but acne scars I'm not sure as I don't have acne scars on my face. But it does lightens spots so I think it might work on acne scars as well.
      If you're looking for a product removing acne scars, you can look at Hiruscar. My friend said her acne scars started improving after using it for two weeks.