Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fuji instax film comparison

I love taking instant pictures. Ever since I got my first fuji instant camera two and a half years ago I've been using it constantly. Well I have both the wide and the mini but the wide is just too big to carry around so I normally only use the mini. They are the only film pictures I take as I stopped developing pictures since I got my first digital camera. Not counting ugly passport pictures, graduation portraits, the last pictures I actually developed are 10 years ago.

Both cameras I have are the Hello Kitty versions. I got the Hello Kitty versions because they were the nicest limited editions available when I bought them.

For the mini I had a choice between the mini 7s or the mini 25s. I chose the mini 25s because it is smaller than the 7s, there is also a small mirror next to the lens making it easy to take self portraits. A that time the 25s only cam in the regular white edition or the Hello Kitty edition. All the other special editions wer made for the 7s.

For the instax wide it wasn't something I should get as my boyfriend already owns the black version but once they came out with the Hello Kitty edition I chose to get it.

Throughout the years I've used boxes of film and it never occured to me that the quality of the film are that different. I don't normally go through films very quickly so I don't normally use different films at the same place.

This time I happened to try three different batches of films on the same day and there are differences. I know there are differences in the film but I always blame it in the lighting since I never did a direct comparison on the different films and I thought it was the lightings that caused the differences in the pictures.

Left above: Film made in Japan for domestic market
Right above: Film made in Korea
Below: Made in Japan sold in American market

From the pictures you can tell the color in the Japanese made films being the best. The color is just more vibrant. Every aspect is just better than the other films. The color is vibrant but it's still very natural.
The Korean made ones. Everything is just too bright in the picture. I've tried using these films outdoor and the colors are just alright. If you like very bright pictures, then you wouldn't mind using these films.
The Japanese made for foreign market ones. I find the colors not as vibrant but it's still looks natural. I prefer these over the Korean made ones.

The problem with the Korean made ones are they have lots of different special edition film and I am always buying them. But after seeing the difference in the film quality and color, I will avoid the Korean made films and stick to the Japanese ones. The colors in those films are just so much nicer.

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