Monday, April 15, 2013

History of Whoo sunscreen comparison

Recently I've stopped using my Shiseido sunscreen on my face as I prefer using cream instead of lotion on my face. I like the Shiseido sunscreen but UI do want to try different brands and I'm currently trying out a few products from Histry of Whoo. I've been trying their 2 sun cream and 1 BB cream.

The 2 sun cream I've tried out are from the basic line and the whitening line. The BB cream is from the regular line as well.
left to right: regular sun cream, BB cream and whitening sun cream

left to right: regular sun cream, bb cream and whitening sun cream

Regular sun cream: It is white but it does not leave a white cast on your face. It's very moisturizing.

BB cream: It's lightweight with medium coverage. it has a light herbal scent and makes your skin very smooth after using it. I find this non greasy.

Whitening sun cream: It has a pink undertone. Even though it's thick but I find it spreads out easily, like all whitening products, it's not very moisturizing. The pink undertone helps correct your skintone and creates a glowing complexion.

I've tried each of them for a week and I would say in the current weather, I like the whitening sun cream the most. It's non greasy and drys up quickly. My face isn't oily after the work day. My face normally gets a little oily after a few hours. My face didn't feel oily at all after the work day. It would be prefect for the warmer months. I wouldn't suggest using it during the winter . For the whitening functions, I haven't used it long enough to notice a difference to my skin but I heard that they have an amazing whitening skin care line. I love it but full price is not wallet-friendly. It costs around $70 for the 45ml tube.

I like this BB cream. It's a perfect shade for me. I love the scent and it is perfect for the weather. It didn't cause any breakouts on my skin. It is also non greasy on my skin. Only complaint is it's too expensive for a BB cream. Again, it's around $70 for the 45 ml tube if I buy it in store in Canada. I know Sulwhasoo is around the same price range but with all the promotions we have in store, the History of Whoo one costs twice the price of the Sulwhasoo one.

The regular sun cream is a little too rich for the warmer months. I would say it's a little too rich for people with oily/combination skin. I only used a small amount but I find it being a little greasy and sticky to the touch. I wouldn't use it during the warmer months. I'll try this product again during winter.

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