Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Review: Meiji Amino Collagen

After you reach 25, you can really tell the difference in your skin. Your skin gets dehydrated easier, it starts to get dull and starts to lose its elasticity. Once you get older, your skin starts to lose its ability to create collagen. The amount of collagen in your skin starts to decrease after you turn 20. It isn't that obvious when you're 20 but after you turn 25 you can tell the difference. I would say this is not the best collagen in the market but it's readily available and affordable so it's a decent product that's worth trying. 

There are food that can help boost the collagen in your skin but I don't eat them on a regular basis so taking a collagen supplement is the best thing for me. 

If you live in Asia I would suggest Fancl Tense up. Fancl Tense up is the product that gave me the immediate result. You can tell the difference in your skin after drinking it for 2 weeks. For other products, you don't see a result that quickly. The problem with Fancl is it's not available in Canada. I do not want to carry them back to Canada from Hong Kong. It's heavy and it's liquid format instead of powder so it's impossible for me to get my sister to stock up a year's worth of collagen drinks for me. For liquid collagen that's available in Canada you can get Naruko Collagen drink but they cost $8 a bottle. So basically you'll be spending $240 Canadian a month on collagen drinks which is not worth the price. 

A cheaper alternative is Meiji. The one I tried is the regular line. You can find this everywhere. From ebay to sasa making it readily available for people not living in Asia. It comes in a can and you can get refills that comes in bags. For the first time I would suggest you get it in a can as it comes with a spoon.  
They normally retail at $35 a can/bag so it's roughly $1 a day. Making it a lot more affordable than liquid collagen. 

You can see that it actually looks like milk powder. One spoonful (7g) is all you need a day. I either take it in the morning or at night before I sleep. 

How does it taste? It tastes pretty bad. It tastes a little salty and fishy. I've tried taking it with water and I hated it. I can't take it with water. I've tried mixing it with yogurt drinks but since yogurt drinks are thicker so it doesn't blend well together making it taste rather weird. I normally mix it with my daily coffee or soy milk. You can't really taste it if you mix it with coffee making it easier to drink.

Do I see an improvement in my skin? Yes. I find my skin being more hydrated. I started drinking it during winter and my skin didn't itch more during the winter. The skin on my face always felt more hydrated. I don't have lines to begin with so I don't notice any changes in reducing fine lines on my face. 

Would I recommend this product? Yes as it helps your skin and once you start to age, you need to find ways to replenish the lost collagen. This helps and it's affordable to use on a regular basis. 

Do you take any beauty supplements? 

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