Thursday, April 25, 2013

paper mask reviews1

Paper masks is an important part in my skin care regime.I use at least 2 paper masks per week. Some are good and some are bad so I've decided to do a set of posts just to talk about paper masks. 

Top Row left to right: Regene honey SOS Nourishing mask, Regene Vita Aqua Spa Rejuvenating Mask, Naruko Magnolia Brightening and Firming mask
Bottom row left to right: Color Combos Oatmeal Whitening Facial Sheet Mask, Face Q Caviar and hyaluronic Acid Moisture Mask, 彩豐行 Apple and witch hazel purifying paper mask.

Regene Honey SOS Nourishing Mask. In my previous empties post I've talked about this being one of my all time favourite paper mask. But I haven't gone into details about this mask. This is a royal jelly and honey mask. I love using them during the winter. If I notice signs of dry patches on my skin, this is the mask I always turn to. After using it for a night, the dry patches will be gone. This is a thick paper mask with lots of serum in it. The mask is soaked in heavy cream based serum so I only use it during the winter. It will be too rich for the warmer months. It is a decent mask for its price. I paid around $10 HKD for the mask.

Regene Vita Aqua Spa Rejuvenating Mask. I've talked about this mask before but haven't gone into the details. This is a deep moisturizing mask that provides enough moisture to my skin during the winter. It works fairly well during the winter but not on the coldest days in the year. This is a thinner sheet mask compared to the honey mask. The serum is water based instead of cream based. For the price I find it being a decent mask. I paid around $10 HKD for the mask.

Naruko Magnolia Brightening and Firming mask. I love this mask and it had been reviewed before. (Reviewed here)

Color Combos Oatmeal Whitening Facial Sheet Mask. This is one of the masks I got from my friend during my visit to her place. This is a mask that is always on sale at It is one of the masks with the ear loop design that is for firming your skin. For a whitening mask, it did a terrible job. I didn't notice my face being whitened at all. For the moisturizing effect. I didn't really see a difference to my skin. But it did an excellent job in the firming aspect. I could feel my skin feeling a little tighter at the jaw line. I would use this only as a firming mask but don't expect any other result from this paper mask. 

Face Q Caviar and hyaluronic Acid Moisture Mask. This is one of the masks with the ear loop design. I'm currently trying out masks with the ear loop design as it allows me to run errands around the house instead of lying still for 20 minutes. This is a firming and hydrating mask. If they are only selling it as a hydrating mask, they did a great job as this is very hydrating and it's retailing at a great price. ( $11.99 for 10 masks at T&T when it's on sale). For the price, it's worth trying. But it's a ear loop mask so you should be able to hang it on your ears comfortably. The mask is just too delicate. It breaks easily so it kept on tearing while I was trying to hang it on my ears. So in the end I had to lie down to prevent the mask from falling off. Since it's too delicate so I couldn't tell if it's doing it's job in firming my mask as I couldn't get the mask on properly. If would be an amazing mask if the mask doesn't break that easily. For the price, I would try out different masks from the line. I do find this being better than the beauty diary masks I've tried before. 

彩豐行 Apple and witch hazel purifying paper mask. This is a mask I stole from my sister's stash. Or I would say I traded for the mask. I tried it when I felt my skin was congested. It didn't really help with purifying my skin. It smelled really nice and felt soothing. It didn't irritate my skin but it didn't do anything to my skin so I don't think I'll be getting these again.

Have you tried any of these masks? What's your favourite paper mask?

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