Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sugar and Spice II

I went to Jo Malone again. I always visit their counter every time I go to the Holt Renfrew at Bloor or Yorkdale. I don't go to the one at Sherway Gardens as the JM counter is too small. 

I know I've talked about how the Lemon Tart Cologne and Redcurrant and Cream Cologne from Jo Malone not being something I love at first scent. I didn't expect to get them at all and it's be on the market for over a month they are normally long gone by now so I was rather surprised to find them in store when I went to pick up the English Pear and Freesia room spray.

English Pear and Freesia is my favourite Jo Malone scent. it's refreshing and not overly sweet. It's my go-to scent on a regular basis. I never get tired of this scent. It's light so it's work friendly. I love it so much I plan on picking up their diffuser once my red rose diffuser runs out. I use the room spray as a linen spray as well. Basically I spray it everywhere in my room! 

The BA was also very generous. He gave me 12 samples to try out different combinations.

These two colognes work fairly well with a lot of my other Jo Malone colognes and since it's limited edition so I finally decided to bring them home. These two work fairly well by blending both of them together. But I prefer blending them with grapefruit. I find that grapefruit being quite versatile it mixes well with most Jo Malone colognes. I do not think I'll be wearing them on their own. But they do smell great when you mix them with other colognes.

What's your favourite perfume? What's your latest perfume purchase?

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