Saturday, March 9, 2013

Foundation Brushes

I have a few foundation brushes but I always go back to the same brush. I have always loved my Shiseido 131 foundation brush aka the Shiseido perfect foundation brush that is sold in the international markets. I have this for over a year and I have abandoned my other foundation brushes. This is a small flat top foundation brush that gives you the perfect flawless look. You can use it with liquid, cream or powder foundation. I even use it for applying my blushes as this feels super soft on my skin and doesn't scratch or poke my skin. It's the perfect brush but it's so small so it takes forever to apply the make up so I only use the brush during the weekend. I normally use those Korean auto patting foundation device during weekdays as they are the fastest. They allow me to finish my base make up in 2 minutes. 

I find the Shiseido 131 being the perfect foundation brush for me so when I heard that Kose Esqprique came out with a similar brush I had to get it. When I got it, the only thing I can say is this is even better than the Shiseido brush. 

From the comparison pictures you can see that the Kose brush is bigger than the Shiseido one. They are both flat top angled foundation brush. I use circular motions for applying my base with both brushes and they  give me the perfect flawless look. The Kose one is bigger so you can finish your make up in less time. The handle for the Kose brush is also a little longer so this might be preferred by some people. The Kose one even comes with a little plastic pouch for storing the brush. 

Price wise, they are both reasonably priced. The Shiseido 131 cost 1890 yen and the Kose one cost 1260 yen. I picked up the Kose one off ebay at $15. The Shiseido Perfect Foundation brush costs 38 CAD at Shiseido counters in Canada. The only difference between the Shiseido 131 and  Shiseido Perfect Foundation brush is the material used on the brush handle. 131 has a plastic handle and the Perfect foundation brush has a wooden handle. Otherwise it's completely the same. So Shiseido 131 is definitely a better choice between the two Shiseido brushes. 

They are both made from synthetic materials and because the brush is so dense, it takes a longer time to dry. They both take around a day to dry and since the bristles are very dense so it does take time to wash it completely. 

If you are thinking of getting an flat head angled foundation brush, I would recommend getting the Kose one because it's cheaper and the brush is just bigger so it takes less time to apply your foundation.  

Do you own these brushes? What's your favourite foundation brush?


  1. my favourite brush is my fingers :P

    1. I find it hard to have an even smooth finish with my fingers.