Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring cleaning

I love doing cleanings and sharing products with my friends. The things I share with them most are sheet masks as this allows me to try out different kinds of masks.

Mascara is just something I don't use up quickly. With all the samples I've been getting, I haven't bought a single mascara in three years. Since I don't use mascaras on a daily basis there is no way I can finish up all the mascaras I have before they spoil. So it's better for me to find them a new home so they wouldn't go to waste. These are most of the mascara samples I cleared out the other day for my mascara junkie friend. There is also the benefit they're real mascara that isn't in the picture. After gifting her 8 masacras, I still have 5-6 at home.

These are the other products I included in the goodie bag. 
Josie Maran Agan Oil, she ran out of face oil and this is just lying around in the house not getting much used.
Jurlique face oil. I have two of these at home when I got two sets of Jurlique skincare products at a great price off the shopping channel. Just think my friend would love to try it and it will take me forever to use up a bottle of face oil.

Give & Give venus all in one skin care lotion. I love products from Give & Give. They are natural without mineral oil and paraben. They are preservative free skin care products and I think my friend will enjoy trying it. 

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