Friday, March 15, 2013

Jo Malone Sugar and Spice collection

These were picked up by me last Friday on their launch day. I normally go to the Bloor Store since Mark is very generous when it comes to giving out samples but going downtown on a weeknight is just impossible for me. So I went to Yorkdale to pick up this limited edition cologne set. As I expected I didn't come home with all 5 cologne. 

This is one of the not so great shopping experiences at Jo Malone. I only picked up three cologne and the BA fitted all three in a small Jo Malone box. I would prefer her to put them in one of the medium sized boxes instead of stuffing everything in a small box. She didn't offer me any samples. I had to ask for them. She didn't even give me the samples I specifically asked for. The ribbon isn't normally tied like that. 

This set also came with a not attractive gift with purchase which is in the envelope. I'm normally excited about the Jo Malone gift with purchase events as they consists of miniature 9ml cologne samples, body cream, hand treatment and other random samples. But this time all we got was a recipe set. I found out about the recipe a few days before the launch but I still feel a little disappointed. 

  A set of 5 dessert recipes that follow the theme of this collection.

As mentioned earlier I didn't buy all 5 cologne in the set. I just couldn't bring myself into buying all 5. I only picked 3 this time and I have to say I'm impressed with the Bitter Orange and Chocolate cologne. It makes me smell like chocolate. I find this the best cologne in the collection. Even my boyfriend that doesn't seem interested in my perfume collection likes it. He even offered to buy me an extra one so I will have a back up at home! 

The second one I got is the Ginger biscuit. I always wanted to buy a cologne that is on the spicier side but I find the nutmeg and ginger cologne a little too spicy for me. This one is spicy but lighter so I would be using it for mixing. 

The last one I picked up was the Elderflower and Gooseberry cologne. This is a lighter floral cologne that I find quite refreshing for me. 

The two I didn't pick up were the redcurrant and cream and the lemon tart. First for the lemon tart, as I expected, it smelled quite similar to the sweet lemon I have at home. I like the sweet lemon cologne a lot better than the lemon tart so I didn't get it. For the redcurrant and cream, when I first read about it I thought I would love it but once I tried it, I found it not sweet enough for my taste and it didn't seem like a cologne I would use on its own. I don't even know will I like mixing it with other cologne. 

Do you use Jo Malone cologne? Have you checked out the limited collection cologne?