Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Restaurant Review: Naruto Sushi & Hibachi

When it comes to food I try to keep things positive and don't really want to complain about a restaurant unless it's a huge disappointment. I don't normally complain about AYCE restaurants because for the price and amount of food you get. But this one is wrong in every single way. I do go to AYCE Japanese restaurants so I do know what to expect from AYCE. This is one of the worst AYCE restaurants I've been to.

First of all the price is 20.95 for weekday AYCE, that is actually higher than average AYCE price for a week night. Most Japanese AYCE are priced ay 18.99 on a week night so charging more means you better provide me with better food.

When you give me an AYCE menu it means everything on the menu is AYCE and I can order them and do not tell me I need to pay extra when I want to order the item and making excuses about that's their normal menu and things I want to order is not included in the AYCE price. If you want to charge extra on the items make a separate menu. Or if you don't want people to order the items again make a note and tell people they can only order once.

The cooked food are either overcooked or it didn't taste good. For sashimi not all of them are fresh. I didn't feel well after I got home.

shrimp tempura. the only decent food cooked by them. It was at least freshly made and was served hot.

negi beef roll and enoki beef roll. too small and too much sauce to actually taste the food.

mussel- no taste at all. I hate adding mayo to my food so it made it taste worse. 

deep fried scallop, no taste at all. you can only taste the thousand island sauce.

just from the picture you can tell the saba and tako sashimi aren't fresh. they look watery and the color didn't look right.
salmon was alright. Well no matter how bad a Japanese restaurant is, you can't really screw up salmon sashimi. 
The squid sashimi in this picture are a lot bigger compared to the second plate we got. 

the chips in the middle is their so called fusion hawaii sashimi. it's mixing canned fruit and fish with mayo and serving it on a piece of Pringles. This is not called sashimi. 

Again what's with the carrot. 

beef tataki. Um.. I've never had beef tataki served on a pile of carrot. beef tataki are paired with turnip not carrots. The dipping sauce didn't taste right. 

special roll and spider roll. The rolls were so loosely rolled up. The spider rolls were literally falling apart. 

squid sashimi and salmon sashimi. They didn't want you to order the squid sashimi again so some pieces were chopped into super tiny pieces that you will have problem picking them with your chopsticks. 

pork cutlet, overcooked and it's too dry

assorted skewers. everything is overcooked. never had yakitori that tasted so bad. 

grilled squid. The teriyaki sauce is too sweet. 

steak teriyaki. steak overcooked and the sauce being too sweet

Fried ice cream also known as tempura ice cream. Not a lot of places have it so I was surprised they offered it BUT this is not authentic. Fried ice cream means deep fried ice cream and it doesn't mean you're wrapping the ice cream in a piece of cake and deep frying the cake. The Ice cream tasted bad and the cake taste horrible and it's not even cooked properly. 

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