Friday, March 8, 2013

UGBang Sleeping Pack 熊果素精華甜睡保濕面膜

Sleeping mask is an important part of my daily skincare routine so I'm always trying out new sleeping masks. I'm biased towards cream based sleeping masks as based on my personal experience I find them work better on my skin. They absorb better and they are non sticky. I don't need to worry about getting the mask on my pillow.

UGBang sleeping pack is a new mask in my collection. My aunt bought this last year when she went to Korea. She claimed this to be the best sleeping mask she has ever tried. A lot of people praise about this sleeping mask and brand claiming their products to be great. I love Korean brands and I find most Korean brands make amazing products. For this sleeping pack, I find it on the pricy side. It retails at $48 CDN a jar which is similar to the price in Hong Kong. Most gel type sleeping masks retails at around $20 CDN in Canada so this is relatively expensive for a Korean Brand.

Product description taken from their Chinese website:
" With Ginseng extract, Natural Botanical Oils with sesame, jojoba and wheat germ. Various Natural Plant extracts soak into the tired and rough skin rapidly and make your skin moist and smooth. Arbutin and Green Tea make your skin transparent & clean"

So for this sleeping pack, the beauty advisors and some users claimed that if you have acne scars and you use this mask for three days, the scars will start to fade. As arbutin is used as a skin lightener/brightener in skin care products so this mask should have some sort of brightening effect.

This came in a relatively heavy glass jar. Given it's price range this is the type of packaging I expected. What I didn't like was it didn't come with a spatula which makes it unhygienic. I hate products that doesn't come with spatulas. Seriously this is a must for products that come in a jar.
This is a light watery gel that absorbs quickly into the skin but it still leaves the skin feeling sticky which is something I don't like. I love it being fast absorbing but I don't like the stickiness it leaves behind. I sometimes still feel the slight stickiness when I wake up in the morning.

It's a light gel that spreads out easily. What I love most is the smell. I love the ginseng smell.
They have such a strong ginseng smell it makes me enjoy putting it on. I don't notice any brightening/lightening effect from the mask but it does leave my skin soft and moist in the morning. If you don't like the smell of ginseng, you should avoid this mask or this brand. If you love the smell of herbs, ginseng, this is worth a try. 

I love ginseng skincare so I will probably try other products from this company. There is a peeling gel that I'm interested in trying. I also heard that they make awesome paper masks. 

Have you heard or tried this brand before? 

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