Friday, March 22, 2013

Restaurant Review: Miyabi

This is the restaurant I normally go to when I crave for good Japanese food on a weeknight. This is one of the better Japanese restaurants that is close to home. There are closer ones but they are just not as good. With their winter promotion during the last few months, I was there once a week. With the buy 1 get 1 half off promotion, I find it worth going. Even without the promotion, I still go there once or twice a month.

They always have fresh sashimi and this is what I order a lot. Sashimi moriwasa. There are normally 6-7 kinds of sashimi on the platter. Unlike most places stuffing you up with salmon and butterfish. The tuna they serve is fresh and doesn't have the fishy taste where you find in a lot of restaurants. I avoid tuna sashimi cause most places offer fishy tuna aka it's not fresh. 

The sushi deluxe is also an item I order a lot. They have a wide variety of sushi including my favourite uni and ikura. They have a cheaper sushi platter that doesn't include the uni and ikura. So if you don't like uni and ikura you can definitely pick the cheaper set. 

Their handrolls are also amazing. The seaweed is very crispy and the size is just right. I normally get the spicy salmon and neigihama handroll. The seaweed might not be too crispy during the weekend but on a weekday, the seaweed is perfect. 

If you don't like raw food, they also have great cooked food. They have one of the best katsu don in the uptown area. everything in the rice bowl is cooked right. The pork cutlet won't be too dry or overcooked. 

Tempura Udon is also good. The batter on the tempura isn't very thick! But I would still recommend solo sushi ya for their tempura for the uptown area.

Do you love Japanese food? What is your favourite Japanese restaurant?


  1. I'm drooling here girl! Where is this restaurant located? My boyfriend and I want to go! And Hi! I'm in Toronto, too =). Hehe.


    1. It's at 280 West Beaver Creek Richmond Hill. It's worth a try. If you need a good Japanese Restaurant closer to downtown I can also recommend others