Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Review: Myeonghan Miindo Yeon Chajin Moisturizing Sleeping Pack

I love Korean skin care, I always get good results from using Korean products. Most of them are relatively affordable. There are expensive ones but I do find most Korean products affordable and the quality are usually pretty good.

The Face Shop, one of the popular mass product skincare brands in Korea. I've only tried their Chinese herbal line because I love herbal formulated skin care products. I've tried a few brands and they all gave me amazing results. I don't normally change skin care brands as I'm quite loyal to the products I'm normally using so I when I try out new brands I normally try out serums or special treatment products. As if the serums and masks don't provide me with amazing results, I'm not going to bother trying out their other products as this is just a waste of time and money.

I heard good things about the Myeonghan Miindo line as some of my friends in Hong Kong love Miindo more than Sulwhasoo claiming that Miindo gave them better results than Sulwhasoo. I love Sulwhasoo products so this got me curious about this brand. I already have a lot of serums at home so I didn't want to add a new serum to my skin care regimen so I chose to try the sleeping mask.

The product I tried from Myeonghan Miindo is their sleeping mask. From what I remember they have two sleeping masks from the Miindo line. I'm not sure do they have more as just from Miindo there should be four sub-lines  One is anti aging plus moisturizing and the other is purely for moisturizing. I chose the anti aging one as it's never too early to start using anti aging products. Once you have lines on your face, they stay on your face forever.

I got this from the local My Face Shop store at Pacific Mall. I remember paying around $30 for it. This is a premium line from the Face Shop so at $30 I do find it an amazing value comparing to the price of Whoo or Sulwhasoo. 

This is a thick cream mask which is something I prefer. it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave my skin sticky like gel based sleeping masks. It does an amazing job in moisturizing my skin. I actually leave this at work and use it when my skin looks dull and tired. After applying it, it gives my skin a healthier glow and doesn't look as tired. The mask is lightly scented. There is a light floral scent to it. I personally prefer herbal smells of Sulwhasoo and Whoo but this does have an amazing smell and does an amazing job at a much lower price. 

What is your favourite sleeping mask? 


  1. great review! my fav sleeping mask is definitely by Naruko :D

    1. there are so many Naruko sleeping masks. which one is the best? I've only tried the raw job's tears eye jelly.