Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review: Spa moisturizing gel gloves and socks

I wouldn't say I have very dry hands but I definitely don't have baby skin on my hands. I tend to over wash my hands. I do moisture them but sometimes hand creams are not enough. I've heard about gel gloves for a while but I find them most of them rather expensive. The Talika one is $69, Sephora store brand is $44, UNT is priced at $31. I wanted to try the UNT one the most since I heard a lot of good products from this brand but I will definitely be charged with duties and it's not something I want. I never had a chance to try the gel gloves until I found these at Rexall. The original price was $19.99 but it seemed that they are always on sale. I noticed that they are always selling them at $14.99 at my local Rexall. They also sell the gel socks at the same price. I also picked them up but I threw out the box before I took a picture. 

I know you can always wear cotton gloves after putting on hand cream. But I don't like putting on cotton gloves as I find the sizes of cotton gloves running a little small. They are often too short and doesn't cover up much of my wrist causing them to fall off rather quick in my sleep. 

These gel gloves are on the bigger side. I do find it too big for me but I don't care about the size as long as it works. 

ingredient list: It's infused with different kinds of botanical oils. I've tried just using them. They are moisturizing but I do enjoy adding a little oil onto my skin before I use these gloves. I've tried using the gloves and socks with argan oil, vitamin e oil and baby oil. They all work the same so I've just been using them with baby oil as it's the cheapest. 

I hope you can see the gel. Both socks and gloves are covered in gel. 

These gloves and socks have to be tossed out after using them for 50 times as the oil in the gel will be absorbed by your skin. As I'm adding my own oil before I use them so they might last longer than 50 times. 

I don't see a big difference on my hands but I do see a difference on my feet. I don't have cracked heels but they are kinda dry and after using the socks for a week, it feels a lot softer and more moisturized. These are definitely worth trying. 

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